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  • When will we receive our photos/videos?
    We know you are so excited to re-live your wedding day memories, and we are too! So we'll get you your sneak peeks within a week of your wedding! Good things take time, and we dedicate a whole lotta hours of love to edit your photos & videos. Delivery time of your final gallery & full wedding films can take up to 12 weeks in peak season.
  • How long will our films be?
    An 8 hour wedding day for us will give you around 5 mins of film fame. In saying that, we don't put a limit on love - so, it'll be as long as it needs to be to tell your story. Anywhere from 5-10 mins is the sweet spot! You'll also receive a 60 second teaser film the week after your wedding. Plus your full ceremony & speeches films get delivered with your highlight film, which can range from 30-60 mins in length.
  • How many photos will we receive?
    You can expect at least 600 pretty pictures out of an 8 hour wedding day. These are your memories, not ours, so we ain't holding back! We sort through every single photo taken to provide you with a quality gallery of every single moment, rather than a set number. Don't worry darl, you don't have to pay for extras.
  • Can we choose the music for our highlight film?
    No, sorry! We select music to suit the vibe and feel of you lovers and your wedding day. Choosing the right soundtrack for your film is something we take pride in and is a huuuuge part of our creative process. We take a lot of note from the songs you have playing throughout the day and find music to suit! We can't use many popular songs due to copyright, instead we source our music from licensing sites. This means you can upload to good ol' FB for nan & pop to see, without it being muted.
  • Do you take drone footage?
    If it fits in with the vibe & storytelling for your day, then yes absolutely! But please remember that this is your wedding film, not a tourism ad. Drone shots ain't the be all and end all of a good wedding flick. We always bring our drone along in case of any opportunities for some cool aerial footage. Some factors may impact our ability to do so on the day, like time, rain, wind, venue, and/or laws do not permit us to do so. If we can, we will - no promises though!
  • Do you travel?
    We are based in Adelaide, South Australia. And heck yes we love to travel!! We offer free travel within 150km of Adelaide CBD. We may charge a small travel fee for flights/fuel, and a night or two of accommodation for interstate/international. Sometimes we will wipe our travel fees to destinations we are already heading to (think Bali or Europe summer 2025 anyone?!) And we also own a campervan where you'll find us road trippin' across the country!
  • Can we meet you first?
    We would love to catch up with you in person over a cheeky drink (or virtual if we're long distancing). We'll discuss all your wedding day plans to see if we'd be the right fit for each other!
  • Okay we're ready, how do we lock this in??
    Yipee! Let's seal the deal with a signed booking form and a non-refundable deposit, 30% off the total package. We can't hold dates without both!
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